Conference Program

11th Congress of the African Society of Human Genetics
12th Human Heredity and Health in Africa Meeting
Theme: Building skills and resources for genomics, epigenetics and bioinformatics research for Africa

Day 1 (Joint AfSHG and H3Africa) Wednesday 19 September
From 7h30 Registration
9h00-11h00 Opening Session – Chair: Leon Mutesa
9h00 Local Organising Committee Chair Leon Mutesa
9h10 H3Africa Steering Committee Chair Nicola Mulder
9h20 AfSHG President Michele Ramsay
9h30 Vice Chancellor – University of Rwanda Prof Phil Cotton
9h40 Guest of Honour: Minister of Health Dr Diane Gashumba
Pleanary 1
10h00 The Human Genome Project was just the beginning: Research Opportunities and Priorities at ‘The Forefront of Genomics’ Eric Green (USA)
11h00 Tribute to Bongani Mayosi Raj Ramesar
11h20-12h00 Tea break & Poster and Trade Exhibition
12h00-13h00 Session 1 – African population genetics – Chair: Charles Rotimi
12h00 High-Depth Genome Sequencing in Diverse African Populations informs Migration History and Disease-mapping in sub-Saharan Africa Neil Hanchard (USA)
12h30 Out of Africa: a genetic predisposition? Lucien Koulischer (Belgium)
13h00-14h00 Lunch and Poster viewing & Trade Exhibition (Promega symposium)
14h00-15h30 Session 2 – Bioinformatics Training and Young researchers – Chair: Vicky Nembaware
14h00 Building Bioinformatics Skills in Africa through H3ABioNet Nicky Mulder (South Africa)
14h30 Addressing Cancer Treatment in an African Setting: A Bioinformatics Analysis of Pharmacogenomically Relevant Variants Jorge da Rocha (South Africa)
14h45 Genetic Dating and Pattern of Admixture in Modern Human Evolution Joel Defo (South Africa)
15h00 Gene Expression Profiling of Breast Cancer in Moroccan Women Salah Eddine Ayoubi (Morocco)
15h15 Germline mutations in young Rwandan women with breast cancers Jeanne P. Uyisenga (Rwanda)
15h30-16h00 Tea Break & Poster Exhibition
16h00-17h30 Session 3 – H3Africa Consortium Showcase – Chiars: Jennifer Troyer and Audrey Duncanson
16h00 Genetics of rare diseases: bringing Africa to light Guida Landoure (Mali)
16h15 Genetic and environmental contributions to obesity in African populations: the H3Africa AWI-Gen Study Michele Ramsay (South Africa)
16h30 Genomic Surveillance and Characterization of Microbial Threats in West Africa Christian Happi (USA/Nigeria)
16h45 Ethics engagement in H3Africa: developing consent and ethics guidelines for African genomics research and biobanking Jantina de Vries (South Africa)
17h00 African Academy of Sciences Open Research Publishing Platform Elizabeth Marincola (Kenya)
Make page of Raj Ramesar and Dwomoa Abu ( Profile, Bio, Photo, Text all in one)
17h30 – 18h45 Panel Discussion: Sustainability of Genomics and Human Genetics in Africa (Facilitators: Raj Ramesar and Dwomoa Adu)
19h00 Opening Reception
Day 2 Thursday 20 September
From 08h00 Registration
08h00 Workshop: Challenges in publishing from Africa (Facilitators: Elizabeth Marincola and Michele Ramsay)
09h00-10h30 Session 4 Part 1 – Epigenomics and Functional Genomics – Chairs: Leon Mutesa and Stefan Jansen
09h00 Epigenomics of traumatic stress in human populations Monica Uddin (USA)
09h30 Epigenetic Effect on Skewed X-inactivation in balanced and unbalanced X chromosome abnormalities Amal Mahmoud Mohamed (Egypt)
09h45 Transcriptome Signature of Hypertension in African Americans: Findings from Machine Learning Amadou Gaye (USA/Senegal)
10h00 Trauma on our genes: The role of traumatic life events on miRNA expression in differential pain profiles Paule Joseph (USA)
10h15-11h00 Tea Break & Poster and trade Exhibition
11h00-12h30 Session 5 Part 1 – Genomics of Rare Diseases — Chairs: Ambroise Wonkam and Solomon Ofori-Acquah
11h00 Integrative genomic approaches to study in vivo host response to Plasmodium infection Youssef Idaghdour (USA)
11h30 Adressing the Holoprosencephaly etiology at the functional genomic levels using laboratory animal models Jacob Souopgui (Belgium)
12h00 Some current issues for NGS variants classification in rare diseases in Africa Aime Lumaka (DRC)
12h15 Whole exome sequencing in Rwandan patients with neurodevelopmental disorders Annette Uwineza (Rwanda)
12h30-14h00 Lunch Box and Open Forum: Establishing a ‘2020 Vision’ for Genomics (Facilitators: Eric Green and Jennifer Troyer)
14h00-15h30 Session 6 – Host Genetics and Infectious Disease – Chair: Christian Happi
14h00 Models for the study of HIV remission: elite and post-treatment controllers Caroline Tiemessen (South Africa)
14h30 Connections between Ancestry, Genes and Tuberculosis Marlo Moller (South Africa)
15h00 Genetic Diversity OF HCV among Military Population Iin Cameroon Fepa Kwesseu Armelle Gaelle (Cameroon)
15h15 N-acetyltransferase II Discordant Genotype-Phenotype Relationship in HIV-Positive and HIV-Negative Nigerians Olayinka Adejoke Kotila (Nigeria)
15h30 Analysis of Within-Host Evolution of Plasmodium falciparum during Treatment with Artemisinin Combination Therapies Javan Okendo (South Africa)
15h45-16h15 Tea Break & Poster Exhibition
16h15 Panel Discussion: Translational genomics (Facilitator: Debo Adeyemo)
17h15 AfSHG AGM
19h00 Gala Dinner
Day 3 Friday 21 September
From 8h00 Registration
08h00 Workshop: Career opportunities for young African geneticists (Facilitator: Hans Hagen )
Plenary 2
09h00-9h45 Genetic and epigenetic modulation of the acute chest syndrome in sickle cell disease. Solomon Ofori-Acquah (Ghana)
09h45-11hi0 Session 7 Part 2- Genomics of Rare Diseases – Chairs: Zane Lombard and Ghada Kamah
09h45 The value of rare diseases research in DR Congo Prosper Lukusa (DRC)
10h05 Genetic Diversity of Albinism in Senegal Rhokaya Ndiaye (Senegal)
10h25 Genetic associations with onset and progression of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) in black South African children Melanie Ann Govender (South Africa)
10h40 Routine use of targeted NGS panel in a Dutch cardiomyopathy cohort Mohamed Z. Alimohamed (Netherlands)
10h55 Is Mutation c.815_824dup10 of the BRCA1 Gene Predisposing to Hereditary Breast Cancer, a Founder Mutation of Senegalese Origin? Jean Pascal Demba Diop (Senegal)
11h10-11h40 Tea Break & Poster and Trade Exhibition
11h40-13h00 Session 8 – Ethics and Genomics in Africa – Chairs: Amina Yakuku and Jantina de Vries
11h40 Taking Community Engagement Seriously in Genomics research in Africa Paulina Tindana (Ghana)
12h10 Towards Identifying Clinically Actionable Genetic Variants in the Egyptian Population Yasmine Aguib (Egypt)
12h25 A stem cell and genome engineering approach to address adverse drug reactions in sub-Saharan Africa Janine Scholefield (South Africa)
12h40 Ethics regulatory framework of patient registry GhadaEl Kamah
13h00-14h00 Lunch and Poster viewing (Africa Biosystems Ltd. – Symposium Trade talk)
Session 9 – Complex Disease Genomics – Scott Williams and Clement Adebomowo
14h00 Recent advances in the genetics of nephrotic syndrome in childhood Adebowale Adeyemo (USA)
14h30 Inheritable Breast Cancer in Nigeria, Uganda, and Cameroon Dezheng Huo (USA)
15h00 Immunogenetic aspects of type 1 diabetes in Benin: pilot study Anatole Laleye (Benin)
15h15 Molecular Study of Genetic Renal Deseases in Moroccan Population Fatima Abdouss (Morocco)
15h30-15h45 Insights into gut microbiota dysbiosis in Africans with type 2 diabetes Ayo Doumatey (USA)
15h45-16h00 Tea Break & Poster and Trade Exhibition
16h00 Strategic planning for the AfSHG: Building skills and resources for genomics, epigenetics and bioinformatics research for Africa (Facilitators: Charles Rotimi and Sonia Abdelhak)
17h30 AfSHG Committee Meeting