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How to Complain Effectively and Save Your Cash

Nothing is worse than spending your hard-earned cash only to find out that you are not getting your money’s worth. Bad service and bad products deprive us of a lot of money over the course of a lifetime. In fact, we all might not be so in debt or have so many personal loans if it weren’t for all the times we’ve had to spend more money because the first item or service we bought was no good.

Complaining effectively is an important way to ensure that you don’t wreak your budget by overspending. Here’s how to complain gracefully:

1) Speak up – politely. Speak to the person you are dealing with first. At a restaurant, quietly and politely inform your server if something is not right with your order. If you have purchased a product, call the manufacturer and visit your store’s customer service department to get help.

2) Know what you want. Decide ahead of time whether you want the item replaced at no charge or whether you want credit at the store. Ask for the specific thing you want when you lodge your complaint, so that the business knows exactly what they need to do to earn your business back.

3) Accelerate. If you can’t get help from the employee you are speaking to, ask to speak to a supervisor or manager. Repeat the problem as politely as possible and restate what you are looking for as compensation.

4) Put it in writing. If you still can’t get help, write to the store and the manufacturer, and ask for a follow-up in writing. For bigger ticket items, especially, you may need some persistence.

5) Don’t forget your thank-yous. If you get your freebie or refund, don’t forget to send a brief thank-you note to the person who helped you. It costs nothing and could make someone’s day. If you have received a great product or excellent service, send a note of thank-you. Happy businesses sometimes reward customers with rewards.

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