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Payment by card or cash?

Contract by order-one of the civil contracts, and the second is most often concluded after the employment contract. In recent years, it has become loud about the minimum rates for this type of labor relations. The minimum hourly wage was introduced to encourage employers to hire more often on an employment contract. However, in any case it is worth choosing?

The contract of assignment is a very good solution, first of all, for students. They do not then have to pay insurance premiums in the workplace, which gives them the opportunity to earn a large net amount. In addition, they can adjust their working hours more flexibly. The employer pays the salary for the hours worked, so if you have more time this month, you can earn more. An additional advantage is the possibility of rapid dismissal.
payment by cash or by card
This can be done even from day to day, I think that in the contract there was another mention. However, the disadvantages of this type of Treaty should not be forgotten. First of all, the laws of the labor Code do not apply here, as in the contract, so you do not have the right to use leave or illness. You may also have a problem with borrowing because you can be fired at any time, resulting in a loss of financial liquidity.

When card payment was introduced a few years ago, it became an integral part of everyday life for many people. However, there are still many people frantically keeps the money and doesn’t want to give it up. Whose behavior is more appropriate and makes more sense? The answer is not clear. Card payment is much more convenient than cash. No need to count bills and coins, there are also problems with the issuance of change. Just a few seconds, enter the PIN code and you’re done. For cash, it takes longer.

There is the possibility of confusion in the calculations, a bad question of everything else that can be a popular sound. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to pay by card. In turn, paying in cash allows you to better control your expenses. When paying by card, it is not interesting how much money is still left, as long as the transaction can not be implemented. Does not work as often as the state of the account as the state of the wallet.

It is widely believed that people using cards are more wasteful, which may be partly true. Especially when using a credit card, which tightens small loans with each transaction. Both payment by card and cash has its disadvantages and advantages. One thing is clear, money in the form of banknotes and coins will not go out of use for a long time, so do not abandon them completely.

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