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What to do when payday loans get out of control

Payday loans are a great option to have in a financial emergency. They are a fast and hassle-free way to get cash in your hands when you need it. However, like any product, they can be abused. Some customers get in over their heads with payday loans by purchasing multiple payday loans and rolling loans over rather than repaying them at once. This leads to huge debts. If you need to dig your way out of huge payday loan debts, here’s how:

– Avoid payday loan disaster in the first place. Choose only legitimate payday loan lender near you and only take out loans you need. Have a plan in place to pay off your loan at your very next paycheck. If you need lots of time to repay a loan, you likely want a line of credit, not a payday loan.

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– Talk to the payday loan company as soon as you find you are going to be late. If you know you can’t pay off your payday loan on time, talk to your payday loan company. If you have dealt with a larger, legitimate company, they may have other longer-term financial products that give you more time to pay without huge fees.

– Get financial counseling. If you are living paycheck to paycheck and are dependent on payday advances, talk to a qualified financial counselor. This person can help you develop a debt repayment strategy, a budget, and other tools that can help you.

– Slash expenses and increase earnings to pay off payday loans faster. To get out of debt, cut out non-essential expenses for a month or two and consider a temporary second job or longer hours to earn a few extra dollars in order to pay off your debt.

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